Glitterbox 2017 opening party – Hï Ibiza

Glitterbox 2017 opening party – Hï Ibiza- Glitterbox is one of the world’s most flamboyant, hedonistic parties, where the world’s foremost DJs, true masters at work renowned for their musical selection and turntable technique, lay down a soundtrack spanning 40 years of joyful, uplifting dance music.

In a throwback to the glory days of Disco and House, the club experience is enhanced by dancers and performers, but the crowd are the true stars of the show – open-minded, passionate, and encompassing all ages, colours, genders and sexual orientations.
Meet Hï Ibiza.
A new Space.
A new Era.

Event: Glitterbox 2017 opening party
Date: 9th June 2017
Tickets: Order your tickets online here
Location: Hï Ibiza

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